13 Things I Love About Autumn

September has been and gone, so it’s safe to say that Autumn is well under way now (although I’m still the odd day of sunshine which still makes it a little warmer than usual. While I try to say that I don’t have a favourite season and that there are parts out of all of them that make me like them all, I do have to admit that Autumn would probably by my favourite if I had to pick one. Why? Well here are 13 reasons why.

1) Brownie hot chocolates and hazelnut lattes – The reason why I’m always broke when I’m at college? Because it has a Costa on campus. While the happiness of it being socially acceptable to have a caramel latte cooler came to me in April, I was pretty much over it by a week. While I like them, iced coffees just don’t give me the kind of satisfaction that a hot one does. The little sigh of content that comes from me as I have that latte or cappuccino in the morning, my little treat for myself for making that god awful commute. Being able to have a hot chocolate to end the day. They’re simply the best.

2) We start cooking roast dinners again – I know there might be some people who still cook roast dinners during the summer. But me and my mum can’t even think about trying to cook a roast dinner on a hot July evening without breaking a sweat. So again, around about april, we have our last roast dinner and embrace the salads for a bit. But this weekend will be marking our first roast dinner this Autumn and I honestly can’t wait to tuck into those roasted veggies!

3) Being in PJ’s by 5pm… and it’s socially acceptable – After a long day at college the thing I long for the most is to be in my PJ’s. But that doesn’t seem to be the acceptable thing to do in the summer… you know, because it’s still light and you’re expected to go out and do things. But in the autumn… by the time you get home it’s dark. And cold. 8 times out of 10 no ones going to go out after that time (unless it’s a weekend) so being in your pyjamas by 5pm doesn’t seem to be so much of a problem. Yay for the lazy bum in me!

4) Speaking of PJ’s…. Rainy PJ and Film days – Okay, so I know in Britain it rains even if it’s July. But there’s something different about it raining in the Autumn and being able to snuggle up with a blanket and watch an film on your PJ’s as you watch a film. I’m so much more content doing that in September than I ever will be in July.

5) Comfy sweaters and boots – My feet are so relieved to hear they don’t have to be put into those sweaty Toms for a good few months now. Instead it’s all hiding my fluffy socks in a pair of boots whenever possible! And big chunky knits to snuggle up in as I do my work! Autumn is the only time I ever feel okay wearing leggings, teaming it with an oversized jumper just makes for an easy, yet fashionable look that I don’t even really need to think about!

6) Beanie hats – Don’t feel like washing your hair tonight/this morning? It’s okay, throw on a beanie hat and nobody will know! Right now I don’t have that much hair to bother with (thanks chemo). But even then, beanies just make me look so much cooler. And they’ll make me look a lot cuter than I sometimes feel if I just can’t be bothered to throw that wig on one day.

7) A good old winter coat – I used to hate shopping for a winter coat when I was a child. Mainly because it was my mum buying the jacket and she would be the one to chose it, and naturally she always picked the one I hated the most. But now I’m the one who buys the jacket, and I’m the one who chooses it, I now love winter coats more than ever! The moment when my new one arrives makes me feel like a child at Christmas all over again.

8) Blanket shawls – I fell in love with blanket shawls last year. And after having a chat about them with my boyfriend at the time’s mum… she brought me one for Christmas and I never felt any warmer when I was out and about. They’re a fashionable, but practical accessory!

9) Halloween – Yes, I am one of those who treats Halloween like it’s Christmas. If I had it my way I’d cover the house with Halloween decorations… but my mum pays the rent and she is the grinch of Halloween so sadly I don’t get to do that. Can’t wait to get a costume together and carve them pumpkins!

10) Bonfire night – As a dog owner I have mixed feelings about this holiday… because fireworks just scare the shit out of my poor pup. Please guys… just have fireworks on the actual night and not throughout the whole week! But aside from that I do like bonfire night! Roasting marsh mellows, sparklers, bonfires… gimme!

11) Watching the Holiday and Love Actually and not having anybody moan to you about it – I’ve seen ITV2 show Love Actually over the summer holidays once or twice over the years and people flock to twitter to complain how it’s nowhere near to Christmas yet so they shouldn’t be showing it. Some people will still argue with me saying it’s still 3 months away… but I feel like it’s becoming more acceptable to watch these movies on a weekend evening. — Maybe not Elf just yet though!

12) The winter duvet comes out – My bed is just so much comfier in the winter and I’m pretty sure my winter duvet has something to do with it. Bye bye, shoddy, thin summer duvet. Hello big, thick, winter duvet!

13) My birthday! – A month and six days from today! This reason on it’s won is enough to make me love Autumn. Especially this year as I turn 18!

What do you guys love about Autumn? Or if you don’t like Autumn, what is it you don’t like about it? Let me know in the comments section!



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