A Guide to Chichester(*)

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Header Image edited by: Johanna Worcester-Barrett
Words by: Johanna Worcester-Barrett

For the majority of readers who don’t know, I live in one of the smallest, most boring villages ever. Situated in the Sussex countryside, it is good for some quiet, picturesque walk. Both in the summer, and in the winter. But apart from that, it really hasn’t got that much going for it. Some pubs, some cafes, a couple of corner shops. That’s all. It’s basically like Emmerdale village, apart from it’s on the other side of the country.

One of the places I frequent the most in my village is the train station, and I almost always go to West Sussex’s capital, Chichester. Mainly because of the fact that I’ve been a student at Chichester College since 2014, and obviously need to go there to get the education I’m seeking. But over the year and two months I’ve been a student there, I’ve slowly grown to fall in love with the place. I spend at least half of my week there, so it’s really like a second home to me. So I thought I’d write a guide for anyone who happens to find themselves stopping by the town. So here are all the fun things the town has to offer!


This place is honestly a photographers haven (or at least I think so). Based right in the middle of town, opposite West Street, the place still offers a quiet, beautiful stroll through the place. And some great pictures to post on your instagram feed if you do happen to bring your camera, though there can be some restrictions (you can check their rules on their website here). Honestly the architecture is quite stunning!

The lawns on the outside of the cathedral are also quite popular to sit and enjoy an iced coffee in the summer months; whether you intending to make it into a full blown lunch, or if you’re just simply waiting for the bus (the stop is literally right next to the cathedral, so it’s easily accessible as well). There is a cafe situated in the cathedral if you fancy getting food from there. However I never personally have, as the last time I tried to I found it a bit to expensive, especially on a students wage.

The entry into the cathedral itself, however, is totally free (though a donation would be nice, especially if you are visiting). So since it won’t hurt you bank balance at all, it’s more than worth checking it out! There are also free drop in tour guides, or if you’d rather go it alone, there are leaflets that will guide you around the place.


Looking for a way to spend the evening? Well, why not go to the theatre? There’s pretty much always something going on down at the festival theatre, and I always enjoy flicking through the brochures I find in cafes sometimes to see what plays they are putting on, even

Photo Credit: Chichester Festival Theatre

if I don’t get to see some of them (time and money are always issues with me 😦 ).

From the 18th all the way up to the 2nd of January they are putting on a production of A Christmas Carol, which is fun for all the family. There will be two performances a day, one at 2pm and then another at 7pm. So if you’re in the area and looking for something to do, and like a bit of Charles Dickens, check it out here!


The best thing about Chichester is it has a great mix of chain coffee stores and restaurants; there are two Costa’s, one Starbucks, and one Cafe Nero. There’s even a Weatherspoons if you really fancy curry club. But there’s also a great selection of independent coffee stores and restaurants too. There are times I’m in a rush, had a bad day and simply just go to Costa because I know what to expect from there everytime I go. But more often than not, I do try to support the independent stores because… well… their coffee is usually the best.

I’ve visited many of the cafes around Chichester over the years, and all of them stick out for different things. — Crispins in East Street has the biggest selection of milkshakes I’ve ever seen, and they are absolutely delicious! The cookie one is my favourite. However, they are on the pricey side (I think about £3.60) so I only have one occasional as an odd treat. The Knife and Fork in South Street has a slightly smaller selection of milkshakes, but they’re much cheaper and their Raspberry one is lovely! They also do chocolate bar ones like aero and toffee crisp, but they obviously cost a little bit more. Their food is also quite cheap if you’re looking for a cheap, standard bit of lunch. I haven’t visited the Buttery in a while; but it’s also in South Street and their hot chocolate is one of the best I’ve had from an independent store. They also offer a good breakfast too! — Shake-a-delic is also great for milkshakes, and of course have the biggest range of them!

Chichester’s also not too far from the coast, so you are also bound to find a fish and chip shop! La Fish is my personal favourite, I visited plenty of times on my way back from chemotherapy sessions as a treat, and it definitely made all the needles seem less tedious knowing I’d be getting a portion of chips from them. They were also voted Fish and Chip Shop of the year in Sussex so… that speaks for itself really!

Overall, you can see that Chichester can offer a great day out for everyone, along with a great selection of independent caters so you can end your day with a little spot of food. — What places would you suggest to people to check out if they were in your home town? Let me know in the comments below. Or if you’re looking for things to do in your home town this Christmas, check out Eventbrite(*) to see the endless list of things going on in your area. You can even sell tickets on there as well!



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  1. Vicky says:

    Lovely post; I love the way you write. I would have loved to see more pictures.

    Vicky x


    1. Johanna says:

      Thank you!:) Sorry about the photos, it was difficult to get the photos I needed (permission by the owners of the locations and all that) D: x


  2. Any time I go somewhere new, I just love checking out independent cafes. It’s where all the great cake is!


    1. Johanna says:

      And the great coffee!


  3. Amy says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I live in a tiny village just outside of Durham in the north east and there is literally nothing for miles. One of my favourite things about though is the amount of little cafes – I love finding new ones!

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    1. Johanna says:

      We do have a really lovely little cafe where I live that I do love to spend my time in sometimes! The smaller the better they are sometimes!:)


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