A Year In Review: 2015

Another year has come to it’s end, and now we’re 3 days into 2016. But as we all slowly recover from all the boozing that Christmas and New Years brought us, and start to get back into the routine of everyday life; I thought I’d write about how good of a year I thought 2015 was.

For the world as a whole, I wouldn’t say it’s gone too bad. Most of the year went by pretty well apart from the first terrorist shooting in January, and then the awful last few months of the year following the treatment towards the refugee crisis, the Paris attacks, and all the subsequent events after that. Though every dark cloud has some sort of silver lining; and these horrible events have brought a large number of us together. Look at the hashtags that took over twitter the last couple of months. #YouAintNoMuslimBruv trended all over the UK when an extremist injured to people at a London Tube Station claiming “this is for Syria”, letting our fellow Muslim citizens know that we know they are not to blame. #NotInMyName also trended when the government voted for air strikes in Syria, letting people of the world know that it was voted by a few hundred people, and nowhere near reflected the views of the country as a whole. We’ve united over the past few months, and that’s brilliant.

And of course, the record for highest grossing film was broken twice in 2015 as to beloved franchises made their returns. Jurassic World and Star Wars. I mean that is something, right?

As for me? My feelings about 2015 are awfully mixed. Though really I mostly couldn’t wait to see the back of that year. I think I had been counting down since the beginning of December, which sounds rather sad. — The year brought me down to some awful low points. January saw me break-up with a boyfriend that I really didn’t want to… and then my nan died only days later. And did I get as much as a “sorry for your loss” from the then ex-boyfriend? No I didn’t. Honestly, I haven’t really heard from it at all. And that hurt. College work took as awful tumble, and then just as I was getting myself back on track I received a diagnosis that literally changed my life forever.

In April 2015, at only 17-years-old, I was diagnosed with cancer. My life was pretty much put on hold. I had to leave work. My GP even suggested that I got myself deferred off college until next year and sent me a letter to give to college advising them to do so. But I never gave it to them. If one thing this year has taught me it’s that I’m stubborn, but also really strong when I want to be. Granted I didn’t go into college a lot during my treatment but still. I went to my treatment sessions, my treatment room only round the corner from where my granddad died from cancer not even a year before, which was rough. I revised as much as I could. And I took 3 out of my 5 exams. The last 2 I was forced not to take because my blood count was so low I couldn’t risk getting an infection. I got a C, a B, and a U in the exams I did take. And combined with coursework and predicted marks for the two exams I didn’t take I came out on results day with a C, a D, and an E. Not the best results, but I have to remind myself that I took these while being exhausted from treatment. And there were several people there that got worse grades and haven’t been through half of what I did.

Overall this year has been emotionally demanding for me, and there were so many times where I just wanted to throw in towel. But I didn’t, I carried on. And I am actually so proud of myself for that. And I’m proud of my friends and family, especially my mum. The year had been as tough on her as it had me. I can’t imagine what it’s like to loose your mum and then have to see you own daughter fight a life threatening illness. And I know she still fears for me to this day. But she never shows it. She’s even stronger than me. But of course, I had to get it from someone, right?

And of course, if it hadn’t been from the boredom of being ill at home, then this blog would never have been created! I may not have a massive readership, but I value each and every one of you that does take the time to read my ramblings over on this corner of the web. Very recently at the end of 2015, I was given the opportunity to be a writer for a new online publication Morph Magazine which has been absolutely amazing. You can read my first article discussing the size of high-street mannequins right HERE. And of course, that opportunity wouldn’t have come to me if I hadn’t started up this blog. So I really do owe everything to it and of course, everyone who reads it. I really enjoy writing and so I hope to able to grow this blog even further, over this year and the others to come, into something I’m extremely proud of.

So what are the goals for 2016? Well first of all the main goal is to get through a first proper year of college. This year I made a drastic career change from sciences into media and started a diploma in creative media production, as I’ve come to realise life can be too short not to focus and even make a career out of something you love, as opposed to getting career just because it’s good money. Being the person I am I’m aiming for all distinctions, but honestly as long as I’ve got through it all and nothing is below a merit, I’ll be happy.

Second of all is to keep trying to write consistently, on my blog, but also for Morph Magazine as well, and maybe other clients as time goes on as well. Not only does it gain some valuable experience, but I’m also enjoying it at the same time. So fingers crossed that 2016 is kind and allows for as much time to write as possible!

The third goal is to finally try and save some money. I got a new job at the end of the year, and after paying for the hotel me and a friend are staying at when we go to a Supernatural convention, I’m aiming to start saving £100 a month for uni. I also saw this cool trick on facebook that you put 1p in a pot January 1st… then add 2p to that on the 2nd… it carries on until on the 366th day (yes 366th, it’s a leap year this year!) you add £3.60 to the pot. By the end of the year you would have saved up around about £600 (apparently, I haven’t done the math to check, but I’m sure you’d have still saved a lot) without feeling it when you look at your bank balance! So hopefully I’ll have some money to travel to Ireland and see my aunt, as well as some other places to.

And my final goal is to just be happy. It’s what everyone deserves right? So if someone’s making my life miserable, I need to cut the ties. If I’m feeling down, I need to treat myself. Even if it’s just something small like painting my nails, or giving myself a make over, or watching my favourite movie. Last year was a little bit miserable for me, so this year I’m determined to be as happy as possible.

So here’s to a new year! I can’t promise that 2016 will be our year… but let’s hope it is!



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