What I Do When I’m Ill

So today I lasted a grand total of an hour at college before throwing my guts up in the college toilets and having to drag myself onto a train home. Yes guys, I am extremely, very, very ill. Therefore I have gone into my routine that I do when I’m sick, and I thought I’d share that routine with you.

1) Sleep. A lot.

This is what I’ve been doing for most of the day and is the first thing I always do when I’m ill, and then repeat when the illness is at it’s absolute worse. I make myself a drink and put it on my bedside table so it’s ready for whenever I wake up, take as many painkillers as is medically possible without overdosing and leave a strip on my bedside table as well, slap on a boxset of whatever TV series I fancy drifting off too (and watch when I finally wake up), and then I just sleep for as long as my body will allow me too. I mainly do this because when I’m sleeping, I don’t notice how much pain I’m in/how crap this illness is making me feel. But then sometimes I also do this because the illness is making me extremely tired.

2) Binge watch boxsets

Once my body has decided that I’ve had enough sleep, the next thing I do is rewind the television series I put on all the way back to the last scene I remember watching before I fell asleep and start all over again. I mostly chose to watch shows that I’ve already seen before as opposed to starting a new series. There’s something about the familiarity as I re-watch an episode, smiling at all the references/ and on going jokes that I know and love that makes me feel a little bit better, that I just wouldn’t get if I started a new series. Also it’s difficult to focus and give a new series the full attention it deserves and needs when you’re ill. They’re much better off being saved for a day when my head doesn’t feel so stuffy and not trying to concentrate on not throwing up.

Today’s choice was How I Met Your Mother since I got the complete boxset for Christmas. But I’ve also been known to re-watch Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural, Sherlock… even The Vampire Diaries back when it was good and I liked it. And I know these ones are technically films, but I’ve also been known to re-watch Bridget Jones for the thousandth or any marvel movie… mostly Guardians of the Galaxy, though.

3) Stalk Blogs

This is probably my most favourite thing to do when I’m ill. I log into bloglovin’ and start off reading all the latest posts of the bloggers I’m following, and then I start reading through all their older posts, some that I’ve already read, and some I haven’t because they were posted before I started following them. Not only is it entertaining and passes some time, it also gives me lots more inspiration for my own blog posts.

4) Eat Comfort Foods

This one mostly depends on whether I’m lucky enough to still have an appetite when I’m ill. In this case I do not, but my mum still cooks me at least one meal a day, because she’s a mother and doesn’t like the idea of me not eating for an entire day. Even if it means everything she’s cooked for me goes into my stomach and ends up in the sick bowl by my bed a few hours later.

I have a specific set of foods that are the only things I will eat when I’m ill. And I guess you can call these comfort foods. They can range from things like ice cream and rice pudding, to soups and veggies and gravy. Things that I’m actually able to swallow without it hurting, but still taste absolutely great.

5) Give Myself A Makeover

If I feel good enough to pull myself out of bed, I try to give myself a bit of a makeover. Laying in bed with no make-up on is nice for a while, but then it starts to make me feel worse. So getting out of bed and making myself look and feel pretty actually helps me feel a little bit better… and helps me to still try and be productive even when I have a cold that makes me want to sleep all the time.

Are there any particular ‘rituals’ of sorts that you have whenever you fall ill? Let me know in the comments below!




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