15 TRUE Things You Should Know Before Dating A Girl Who Blogs

There have been a few other bloggers that have written about this recently as well, but I still wanted to speak out about it myself as I can’t believe (well, I can, but you know…) that a magazine/brand could be so childish.

Yep, Cosmo wrote an article titled “15 things you should know before you date a girl who blogs”, and it’s actually rather catty. Which is sad given that I’m sure a lot of us used to read it, and that maybe even some of their writers were originally bloggers themselves (don’t vouch for me on that, but it’s a possibility, right?) — So here are 15 TRUE things that you should know before you date a girl who blogs.

  1. We do not mind whether you read our work or not. Let’s be honest, what we write about might not even to be your taste. So we’re going to completely understand if you don’t want to read our review on a new make up pallet we brought because that’s just not something you’re into. But if you do happen to want to read our blog, it will be more than appreciated, and guess what? We will let you read our work. — We don’t post things ONLINE because we don’t want people to read them for God sakes. That would be stupid.
  2. Yes, sometimes I will text long. Other times you’re lucky to get a one worded response. I’m a writer, so sure, words are my thing. But only when the opportunity allows for me to write essay like texts. You are not going to get more than a sentence at most when it’s 11pm and I’m ready for bed, or I’ve just woken up in the morning, or you’re asking if I can grab you a bag of doritos on my way to your house. Nor do I expect you to match my length in replies either. Don’t sweat it.
  3. When I say I have deadlines, it actually means I have deadlines. This isn’t the case for everyone, but for some people, blogging is their full times job. Even if it isn’t, they still might do sponsored posts from time to time. We earn money from our blog to write posts for people. And when we do that, there’s usually a deadline attached to it. And we need to stick to that if we want that brand, or other brands to work with us. Also creating posts takes a long time; taking photos, writing, spell checking, promotion. So yeah, when we say we have a deadline, it’s not to get out of hanging with you, we just generally have a deadline.
  4. If I get free tickets to something, I won’t be trying to turn it into a date. (Sorry?) Contrary to popular belief opportunities to go to events for free don’t come to every blogger, nor do they happen as often as you think. Honestly, I’d be happy just to get an invite for myself, let alone be cheeky enough to ask if I can bring a +1. And honestly, you’ll actually be thankful for that. The blogging events I’d be invited to you probably won’t be interested in. You’d be bored of your head and it’d be the worst date in history. If I do happen to be given a +1 and you want to come, then I would never deny that. But I will be asking you to take photos for me every 5 minutes. Not sorry about that one.
  5. I won’t act annoyed when you finally read my work. Why? Because if you ask I will probably be the one to show you there and then, as opposed to you digging around the internet to find to damned thing. Like I said, want to read my blog, great. Read it then. It’s much appreciated. And no, I won’t be making every conversation we have after about my blog either.
  6. Yeah coffee is kinda cool. But let’s not forget about tea and hot chocolate, dude. I personally can only drink so many cups a day without getting the caffeine shakes. A good cuppa tea or hot chocolate is honestly just as good and worth raving about. I’d much prefer you brought me a hot chocolate than a coffee, to be honest.
  7. Yes, we do know other bloggers. We may only know them through their blog posts. We may talk to them only through social media. We may have met them at blogger events. We may even know them in real life. No we do not think we’re a better write than the lot of them. We’re not that egotistical. What we are, though, is a big, strong, supportive community. And so yes, we sill defend them if we hear someone slagging off their work. It’s rude, okay? Kinda like Cosmo’s article is.
  8. You will not get a lot of free booze. I haven’t been to a blogger event yet, personally. But from what I’ve seen the idea that you get a lot of free booze is false. You may get a glass of champagne if the host a) is generous enough and b) can actually afford to give a glass of champagne to every guest. I can’t even imagine how much time, effort, and money goes into hosting a blogging event… let alone trying to give everyone a free booze up. Like, what do you want? Blood?
  9. Yes, actually, I do want to hear about that post you read the other day. How do you think I got into writing my own blog in the first place? Spoiler alert: by spending time reading other peoples blogs. I still spend my time reading others blogs as much as I spend time creating my own. Also reading posts from other blogs gives great inspiration for my own posts. So yeah, tell me about it. Tell me what you love about it. And send me a link later on so I can read it and love it myself.
  10. I get sad when my battery dies, but I’ll get over it. I will not lie, I spend a lot of time taking photos of everything I think will look good for a post header, or Instagram photo, or both. And scrolling through others feeds for inspiration. But if the battery dies, the battery dies. I refuse to ever let my battery life be directly connected to my mood. And please never be afraid to tell me to put the phone down for a bit. I will not bite your head off. More than likely I’ll realise you’re right, put the phone down, and spend some time with you.
  11. Getting freebies is not what blogging is about. If you’ve got into blogging because you want freebies from brands, then you got into blogging for the wrong reasons. Sure freebies are nice, no blogger will deny that. But you need to love blogging for other reasons for it to work. Even then, they’re not actually free. More than likely you’ll have to write a review about said product you were given, which live I’ve already said takes a lot of time. — Also we won’t be writing about that aftershave you got for your birthday unless it fits our blog. We don’t want to loose readership.
  12. Sometimes I do spend the day in my pyjamas as I write posts. Other days I don’t. Honestly most of the day, it’s the pyjama thing. I think a lot of bloggers can agree with me. Mainly because this blog is something I do in my spare time after work/college and I want to relax. But yes, sometimes working in a coffee shop is nice. Don’t diss.
  13. Not every blogger has a pseudo. Okay I guess I do. But only because a friend came up with it four years ago and it’s just stuck… and *whispers* I like it. But I think it also works. Some people don’t choose them as guess what, they’re blogs are still great regardless.
  14. Some of us are confident, some aren’t. I’m personally not that confident. Some other bloggers are. It depends on the person. Simple as. There’s literally nothing else to say about this, really.
  15. I’ve never considered dating a Twitter fan because I don’t have a fan. I do have readers, though. Again, saying we have ‘fans’ is rather egotistical. It’s also kind of degrading to the readers to call them fans as well. They are readers. They read my blog. They may also give a like and comment… maybe a like on an Instagram post, RT one of my tweets. And that is very, very appreciated. Cheers guys!

So there we go… the REAL things you need to know about a girl who blogs. Any of you guys seen Cosmo’s article? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments!




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