Things I’m Loving – January 2016

So I haven’t posted one of these lists since September last year (boo to me!). But I loved compiling all of the things I love together and writing about them. So I’ve decided to bring it back, and this time I’ll try my best to stick to it!

 Microwaveable Plush Toy

One of my Christmas present from my mum. I’ve had microwaveable plush toys for a while now. They’re hot like a hot water bottle, but they also have a beautiful lavender smell which helps me get to sleep if I’m having any trouble in that department, which does happen from time to time. However after a while the lavender smell fades away (though they’ll still keep you warm) and need to replaced. So far I’ve had an elephant and a polar bear, but this time my mum brought me a unicorn one.

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Plaid Shirts

These are my new obsession at the moment. January blues have set in at the moment, and therefore I’ve set my alarm clock later than I really should. There’s just no time to think about an outfit as long as I would at the moment. Throwing on a plaid shirt with a pair of black leggings or jeans is quick, and it’s guaranteed to look good. Especially when they are oversized.


This month I’ve gone back to wearing wigs. There were a few months there where I really couldn’t be bothered with them, and was completely comfortable with the little baby hair my head has teamed with a beanie. But now it’s grown into what reminds me slightly of a mullet and just looks awful, so I’ve turned back to wigs to cover the horrible mess up. My blonde one is still my favourite, even if people call me Hannah Montana because of it… funny given my blog name is Johanna Montana. However I’ve ordered one in a pastel purple shade which I can’t wait to try on!

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N07 Light Loose Powder

I’ve loved this product ever since I first tried it. They have a shade that matches my skin tone perfectly, something I find trouble with being so pale (honestly, even the palest foundations for some brands are still too dark for me). And it also leaves a seemingly matt finish, and also lasts all day! I’m running low on my latest pot, but I’m definitely going to be on my way down to buy some more soon!

How I Met Your Mother box set

My mum brought me the complete collection of How I Met Your Mother for Christmas, because she’s absolutely amazing. However I think she’s slightly starting to regret it now. I’ve constantly got it on the TV. So much so she has to literally ask me to turn it off so she can watch something else. I’m on season 9 already, and I’m really excited to get to the end, but also sad for it all to come to an end. No doubt I’ll be going through it all again a few months down the line.

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I went through a stage there where I hated having to go into college. We’re doing a module where we film a TV advert, but first we’ve had to do pre-production paperwork. And there was a lot of it. And it was driving me insane. But next week we are actually going to be able to go out and start shooting which I hope is going to be a lot of fun! I also can’t wait to edit all the shots together. Editing is surprisingly a little therapeutic for me.

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And that’s the end of the list for this month! Let me know about anything that’s on your loving list this month, I’d love to hear about them! ‘Till next time…




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  1. glamandsassy says:

    I love How I Met Your Mother ! I always LOL when I watch it…even the reruns on TV! Enjoy! xo Gina


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