15 Things I’d Tell My 15 Year Old Self

When I think about it at first I can’t believe it’s already been three years since I was 15. The time has gone incredibly quickly, to be honest.

But then as I think about it a little bit more, I can’t believe it’s only been three years since I was 15. Yes, the time has gone quick. But I’ve still changes so much and so many times since then that 15 year old me is like a completely different person to who I am now. Not that that’s totally a bad thing, because honestly, 15 year old me has a lot of learning to do. If I ever got a chance to talk to her, here’s what I’d tell her.

  1. GCSE’s are important, but they’re not that important. It’s always good to get the best grade you possibly can, of course it is. But if you’re trying your absolute hardest on that maths exam and you’re not getting the A you, and your teachers want. Do. Not. Push. Yourself. Listen to all those people now at college/university who tell you GCSE’s aren’t that important. Because they’re really not as important as you think they are. Look into what you need to get into college and uni, and focus on those first and foremost. You may not believe it, but nobody will care about that D you got in Religious Studies mere months after results day as passed… they won’t even care about that B in Geography, for that matter.
  2. The career path you chose when school told you that you had to choose one, will be completely different a few years down the line. School is stupid. You’re 15, for God’s sake. How are you supposed to know what you want to do for a living when you’re in your 20’s? Sure, you’re confident you want to be a forensic scientist now. But you were confident you wanted to be a nurse when you were 5… then a teacher when you were 8… then a actress when you were 11… then a teacher again at 13. And look at you now. What I’m trying to say is, don’t think that the choice you’ve made is set in stone. You will have a chance to change if you ever truly want to (you will).
  3. Loosing weight isn’t all it cracked up to be. Okay, you’re a size 16 and a little on the chubby side. And it doesn’t help there isn’t enough representation of all body sizes in the media. I get that. But so what if you’re a size 16? Dude. You’re 15. You have time to work all that off, and you will do given the right motivation. And trust me, one day the fat comes right off. Like it’s some sort of miracle. You go all the way to finding yourself fitting in size 10 clothes. You’re gonna be so proud of yourself for going down all those dress sizes in less than a year. But mum’s gonna tell you that you look ill. Guess what? You are ill. Hardly anyone loses that much weight in a year. And yes, once you get better some of that weights gonna go back on. You’ll be a size 12/14. But we’re okay with that. Because at least it means we’re healthy.
  4. Take all the help you’re offered. Trying to act like you’re tough and independent is all well and good. But sometimes you just really need that little bit of help to reach the end, okay? And that’s not a bad thing. Better get to the end with a little bit of help and everything’s all fine and dandy, than struggle to the finish line and everything’s not okay, right? So get your head out your ass and take that helping hand, okay kiddo?
  5. It’s okay to indulge yourself in some ‘kids stuff’ once in a while. Wanna watch Disney films? Go watch them. Wanna buy those little ice lollies in the shape of rockets for kids? Go buy them and eat them all. Want chocolate milk? Have some chocolate milk? Last thing I checked, while these things may be designed for kids, they have no maximum age limit. Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy the creature comforts you used to have when you’re a kid. You’ll soon learn it’s one of the best things to do when you’ve been having a bad day.
  6. Most of the people you’re friends with now, you’re only friends with because you see them 5 days a week at school. It’s sad, but it’s the truth. Either year 11 prom, or GCSE results day will be the last day you see a lot of the people you call ‘friends’ in person. Sure, you’ll message people on social media from time to time. You’ll say to each other how you’ll miss them, that you need to meet up soon. But no plans are ever actually made. Ever.
  7. And that’s okay, because you’ll make new friends who you will see out of college hours. Sure a lot of them will live half an hour away by train, a lot further away then your old friends ever did (that’s what we get going for a college half an hour away from home, kiddo). But you still go see them out of college. You make the effort because you want to make the effort. And really, that’s how you know they’re a keeper.
  8. Nights spent at home will be some of the best nights you’ll have. To this very day you still wouldn’t have gone clubbing, and actually we haven’t even been thinking about going clubbing any time soon, either. Some people may say that’s sad. But to be honest we’re completely content with it. We are much more comfortable spending time on our own with a cup of hot chocolate and a television series every now and again. And if we do want some company; bringing some friends over with a few bottles of alcohol, nibbles, conversation, and cards against humanity. Much better (and let’s not forget cheaper) than going out to the nearest city, spending £6 for a drink, standing around for hours until your feet hurt, not being able to hear a word your friends say, and then spending a fortune getting a taxi home. Nah son.
  9. You will pretty much become addicted to coffee. I know you think it’s gross right now. And I’m probably going to sound like a pretentious twat right now. But it is an acquired taste that comes with age. Like when you need help staying awake on your 8am train so you don’t miss your stop, or you need energy to keep on going with that revision. It probably tastes better when you actually need it. But basically coffee will be one of your best friends.
  10. Wanting to learn to drive and actually starting to learn to drive are two completely different things. There’s actually a rather big jump between wanting to start driving, and then actually starting to drive. You will kick me for this, but I didn’t buy my provisional until last summer, 9 months after I was old enough to get it. And to this day I still haven’t had a single driving lesson. What can I say? I’m lazy. There’s a lot to sort out. Making sure you have enough money for lessons, given they really don’t come cheap. Reading up on theory. Booking your theory test. Booking the practical test. The list goes on. Also if you want to learn driving in your own car with someone next to you, you need to get your car straight away, and you have to pay a learners insurance. Which once again, isn’t cheap. Sounds like a headache. But we will get there. With the price of train fares these days it’s starting to look like I’ll be better off driving.
  11. Wanting to travel abroad is good. But there are still a load of great things to see in your own country as well. Don’t forget them. All your friends may take the piss out of you for your Welsh genes… but honestly Wales is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. Our beaches down here literally have nothing on theirs. Your instagram will have thousands of shots from different beaches across the Welsh coast. Also, their alcohol is cheaper. Like way cheaper. So I mean… they win really, don’t they? Don’t forget the plans you’ll be making to go to Scotland and Ireland as well.
  12. You’ll grow out of junk food. I mean, of course we’ll still enjoy it every now and then. But we learn that we need a balance. And honestly, there’s so many great dishes that you can make with much healthier things, and they taste so much more delicious than junk food ever could. What’s more is you’ll actually go vegetarian. That’s right, you’ll be all over those vegetables. Whoever knew you, of all people, would become healthy.
  13. Fangirling over every show/film you watch, every book you read, and every bad you listen to will become a thing of the past. This doesn’t mean you’re no longer into the stuff you are now. You still love those bands, films, books, TV shows (well except from one, I won’t name names). It’s just running blogs, twitter accounts and what have you dedicated to each one, stalking the cast/band members on social media and what have you takes a lot of time that you simply have to spend on other things in YOUR OWN life now. You’ll find that being a ‘casual fan’ of sorts is a lot more fun as well. Gigs are so much more enjoyable when you’re not obsessed about getting in line at 10am when doors don’t open until 6pm in order to be at the front and fighting over other fans for said spots at the front. Not that being at the front isn’t great, it’s just not the be all and end all as you’ll come to learn.
  14. You will eventually learn not to be a push over. I know you get fed up with yourself sometimes. You feel like you let people walk over you waay to often, and think you should have the world ‘mug’ written on your forehead. Eventually that will be a thing of the past with experience. Mainly when you start working. You have to put your foot down and tell them what you can and can’t do sometimes. You may feel like your sounding like a bitch sometimes, but you’ve got to put yourself first and that’s what is important.
  15. Writing is your passion and spending time on that will be one of the best things you’ll ever do. Writing this blog, writing for other publications. You will enjoy it so much. Not only is it something you love, but it is also incredibly therapeutic. Creating and working on something that has nothing to do with work or college will just make you feel so much more whole and well rounded as a person. Sometimes it’s stressful (thinking about deadlines and content etc.) but mostly it’s just fantastic.

And it looks like we’ve come to the end of the list. I could have probably gone on forever. There has been so many things that I’ve learnt in the past 3 years and so many months. But I thought ending on 15 seemed good given it’s things I’d be telling to my 15 year old self. Any other sort of life lessons you’ve learnt that you think could be included? Let me know in the comments below!:)




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