28 Thoughts I Have When Getting The Train

I’m not sure about anyone from other countries, but if you’re British, I would bet money that you’ve probably had to take the train at some point in your life. In my case, I’ve been getting a train every day for the past two years to get to college, and will be until I pass my driving test, whenever that may be. Again, I don’t know about other countries, but over here in Britain, we probably will all agree that the service we get it piss poor. So here are some of the (slightly angry) thoughts I have everyday when I get the train.

  1. “Right. Made it to the station. Let’s just check the departure board for a sec and…. Yep! It’s late!”
  2. “Look, mate. Do not say the train is coming when it’s not actually coming. It’s been 2 minutes now since you called it and it’s still not here.” (No but seriously, is it only me who gets this problem?)
  3. “Let. The. People. Getting. Off. The. Train. Get. Off. First. God. It’s just common etiquette. Weren’t any of you taught manners?”
  4. “No, bitch. I am taking that empty two seater. I’m far to awkward to go and take a seat next to someone. Fuck off.”
  5. “Aaand let the 40 minutes of hell commence.”
  6. “Noo, conductor, don’t wait for that dude to run up to your door and get on the train! This service is late enough as it is. It’s his fault he’s late! Make him wait for the next one!”
  7. “Oh, yay, we’re at Littlehampton. Everyone prepare yourselvesfor the massive flood of people that are going to come on.”
  8. “I guess I’m going to just have to accept that fact a stranger is going to have to sit right next to me now.”
  9. “Yep there we go. Nice to meet ya, stranger.”
  10. “No, no, no. Don’t do that. Why do all men have to spread their fucking legs like that?! They’re getting into my personal space. I can’t adjust my own legs now!:(“
  11. “And now my legs are going numb. And I can’t move them. Fab. Thanks leg spreader.”
  12. “I should become Prime Minister. And then I would ban all leg spreading on public transport.”
  13. “How. Long. Does. It. Take. For. A. Driver. To. Switch. Ends.”
  14. “Yaay. We’re moving. (Finally).”
  15. “If I run from the station I still might be able to make it to college on time.”
  16. “Won’t have time for a coffee, though. Damn.”
  17. “Note to self: Need to start having coffee before you leave for the train. Or buy one at the station. Either way is good.”
  18. “Okay my legs so numb now someone could chop it off and I wouldn’t notice.”
  19. “Urgh. Now we’re at Barnham. Prepare for another tidal wave of people.”
  20. “Here they come. And take a big breath in.”
  21. “Yep. We are now officially a tin or sardines.”
  22. “I have no room to even breath let alone move.”
  23. “There’s people everywhere I don’t like this.”
  24. “Seriously. I pay £70 a month for a train that’s almost away delayed. And is packed to the point where I can no longer breath.”
  25. “But at least leg spreader still can have his legs spread.”
  26. “Fuck the system.”
  27. “Oh well, at least we’re at Chi now.”
  28. “Now move out the way bitches. Home girl’s gotta run if she doesn’t wanna be late.”

Does anyone else have to get the train to get to school/college/work? Let me know what thoughts you have when using them in the comments below!:) Also worry on the lateness with the post! A coursework deadline sort of crept up on me and I had to spend all my time trying to get it done. Sucky, I know! D:



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