My New Wig || Kekeshop Review

Yeah, guys… I got a new wig.

I’ve been wearing wigs full-time and part-time since June now. Thanks to having to have chemotherapy to save my life, I had to subsequently lose my hair. At the beginning of June I managed to get the courage to shave the little hair that had decided to stay on my head and not move to my bedroom floor, and started wearing a dark red, human hair wig that was given to me by The Little Princess trust. A massive thank you to the people from that charity who helped me in choosing and getting the wig, by the way. Despite being taken to Reading festival (and getting slightly burnt by some twats) it had managed to stay intact very well and you will still find me wearing it every now and again.


In September I got myself a synthetic fibre, blonde wig with a fringe with an NHS prescription. At this point I was off treatment (though I applied for the wig during treatment) and my hair was starting to grow back. By October, my hair was covering my head properly and I felt brave enough to go out most days with just a beanie on. However, now my hairs grown into the most awkward, ugly phase hair could ever grow through and so I’ve brought the wigs back in to cover up the monstrosity.


But I wanted a bit of a change. Most of the wig specialists I’ve dealt with only have wigs to offer that are in natural colours, and I’ve wanted something a bit more loud and vibrant. Just before I was diagnosed I was thinking about making the plunge and dye my hair some sort of bright or drastic colour. However, fate seemed to have other things in mind and thought it would be better if I had no hair at all. And I’m still unable to dye my hair for another 6 months or so. You can see where this is going guys… a new wig was needed.

As I’ve already said, the previous people that helped me with my wigs only had ones of natural colours for offer. And while they were absolutely great in helping me choose a wig that would suit me, I needed to look elsewhere in order to get what I wanted this time. My natural instinct, as always, is to turn to the internet. So I found myself scouring through the internet for the different types of wigs on offer.

I have to admit, I was in a lot of doubt at first. As what I would say is a long term wig user, I can tell when a wig is good quality, especially when looking at the price. A lot of them were just far too good to be true. Either too cheap, or the photo they were showing for the product was used by several other sellers. It just put me off. That was when I came across Kekeshop on Etsy.

I was astounded by the amount of wigs that there were on offer. There were so many wigs with different cuts; long hair, short hair, full fringe, side fringe. There was also a large range of colours on offer. From natural colours like blonde, brown, and black to more vibrant colours like blue, purple, red, grey, pink… even green. I was spoilt for choice, and it honestly took me weeks to make my final decision on what I wanted. I managed to narrow it down to a pastel lavender wig, a grey ombre wig, and a blue ombre wig however I could not longer make a decision on my own by that point so I took it to Facebook. After many comments from different people, including my second cousin who cheekily said “don’t bother with grey… your hair will go that way soon enough”, I settled with the lavender wig and I placed my order. Kekeshop also has 2 different order options of each wig. You can either order the wig alone, or you can order it with a wig cap and clips sewn in to help keep the wig on your head. Since this isn’t my first time wearing a wig, I already own a couple of wig caps and have my own clips that are detachable so I can use them on each different wig. So I just ordered the wig on it’s own.

The wig was being shipped from California all the way over to the UK, so it understandably took a bit more time than your bog standard Amazon Prime Next Day Delivery. However it only took about 2 weeks to ship, which is a lot quicker than some things I’ve ordered from the states. I do have to warn you, though, wigs are not cheap. So due to the cost of the item I did have to pay a small customs charge once it reached my courier. I believe the charge was a little over £17.

And in the grand scheme of things it was a price I was more than willing to pay. The wig is absolutely fabulous. My blonde synthetic wig has gone through a lot of friction frizz (something that is not a fault of the wig and just simply happens with any synthetic wig after a few months of wear) so it was nice to feel a brand new wig that was absolutely soft. The price of the wig was cheaper than any wig I’d come across before, my blonde one would have cost me £120 if it hadn’t been for the NHS prescription but this one was around about £90. But the quality was still absolutely amazing. It also came with adjustable straps inside so you can make sure that it fits your properly and doesn’t fall off. It was exactly the same as what was shown on the website, which was something I had a fear of when buying online. It was also really easy to brush, and it’s even made of a heat resistant synthetic fibre which means you can straighten or curl it to your personal preference… although I haven’t got around to sorting that out yet. Since I’ve been wearing it for about a week now, it has started to gain a little friction frizz round the ends. However this is something that happens with all synthetic wigs and is not a fault in the wig at all. It’s just something you might want to be careful about and try and wear clothes that would cause friction between them and the wig. The frizz also isn’t as bad as I expected it to be so far giving how much I paid for the wig, and my friends can’t even see it at all! In fact a lot of people have said that if they didn’t know my circumstances, they probably wouldn’t have known it was a wig.

The only negative thing I have to say is that the hair on the wig does seem a little thin. Whether this is because my hair was thick so I’ve been used to that I can’t really say. It’s just about thick enough that my ears don’t poke out. However it’s still good value for money as my other synthetic wig cost around £40 more and only was just a little more thicker.

Kekeshop also has some of the most amazing customer service that I’ve ever come across on Etsy. Since I’ve come accustomed and also absolutely adore the block fringe I have with my blonde wig, I wanted to have my new wig styled into a block fringe as well. However I wasn’t too sure if this would be possible. Most synthetic wigs come pre-styled, and therefore the only thing you can do if cut them shorter, although there are some wigs out there were things like the fringe are adjustable. So I thought I’d get in contact with her to see if this was possible. It couldn’t have been more than half an hour before I got a response saying that this was possible. However after a discussion with a friend I’ve decided the side fringe actually looks a little better on me. And if I get the wig cut a little later down the line… it’ll be like having a whole new wig. So I’m going to go with that. However it was really helpful to know you could get the wig styled in any way you wanted and I can only commend Keke for her amazingly fast responses to the questions I had.

Overall thoughts? Kekeshop has definitely eased the worries that I had in buying important, long term investments like wigs online. The flexibility you get in styling the wigs to your personal preference is something that I absolutely love, and the quality you’re getting for the price you pay is most definitely value you for money. If I ever want a different coloured wig (I probably will) then Kekeshop will definitely be somewhere I’ll shop again! I’ve even got my eye on this forest green coloured wig already!


What do you guys think of the new wig? Have you ever brought a wig from Kekeshop before? Let me know what you think of them!




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