Why You Should Ignore People’s Opinions On Hair Extensions

I know it’s only a mere 3 posts backs that I was blogging about my new, and still most favourite, purple wig. But as I said in the last blog post I wrote; I am the worst blogger ever, and I had got that wig 7 months ago.

I wore it for months. Hell, I loved it so much, I refused to stop wearing it when the bottoms were just massive clumps of frizz (though I finally got that fixed like a week before I got hair extensions, I’ll write a post about it eventually). I wore that wig all the way up to mid July, making my purple hair era a grand total of 5 months long. Longer than any other wig style era I’ve had.

But my hair was getting long. It was getting way too hot under there. And frankly, wearing wigs all day at college and hats all day at work was starting to stunt my actual hairs growth. So I decided it was time to get extensions.

Thankfully, a co-worker had a friend who had just qualified in inserting extensions and needed models for a portfolio. All I needed to do was buy the hair, and she’d put them in for free. And honestly she did a fabulous job. I had them in for 4 months and I loved them so much I got them refitted just last week for another 4 months of wear.

But of that this journey didn’t come without a huge load of comments and opinions from friends and family that made me question getting extensions more times than I can count.

The split was pretty much half and half. Half of the people were all for the extensions and saw all the pros I was seeing; the hair was going to be constantly on my head, no frizz, hopefully with my natural hair not being stuck up in hats and wig caps all the time my hair would start growing even quicker than it already was, I could start wearing up dos again, and the hair wouldn’t frizz.

The people who were against the hair extensions didn’t see the pros I was seeing and would instead scare me with nightmare-con stories. Such as “a friend used them and they gave her headaches so she ended up pulling them out and it ruined her hair”, “it’s just going to stunt your hairs actual growth”, “it’s going to damage your hair”. You get the gist. All of these people knew someone who had a bad experience with hair extensions and therefore decided they were a product made by Satan to ruin any girl who tried it’s hair.

In the end my hairdresser, Natalie is a qualified professional. Not only that, but she’d also been in the exact same position I had been in a few years ago and had actually taken the same route as me. She knew how important it was to me to have nice, long hair without damaging my short, but growing hair in the process. I trusted her and honestly, it’s gone perfectly. My hairs a nice length with the extensions and I’ve had a good 2-3 inches of growth over the months I’ve been wearing them and can hope for even more over the next few months too. Yes, there was some matting we came across during the refit, but it’s nothing some conditioner and a hairbrush couldn’t fix. And no, it hasn’t ruined my hair. I also had microloops so there was no tape/glue or whatever so I could even go swimming.

But just because they worked for me doesn’t mean they work for everyone. Because they just don’t. One size doesn’t fit all. Not everyone can deal with extensions. Yes, sometimes they do give you headaches. Mine did for the first couple of days but it eventually wore away. For some people it doesn’t and they need them taken out. Equally if you can’t bare it even for a couple of days, get them taken out to. But, seriously, I can not stress this enough get your hairdresser to take them out. Do not not just pull them out yourself. If you pull them out, you’re obviously going to ruin your hair. Your hairdresser will have the appliances to take them out without damaging your hair.

So if you’re thinking about getting some extensions, try your best not to listen to other people’s opinions. Just because they had a bad or good experience doesn’t mean yours will be the same. Just listen to your hairdresser’s advice; good hairdressers aren’t going to push you to get them just so they get a sale, because they know that’ll cause them more problems in the long run. They’ll take your through the pros and cons, the different types of extensions there are, which one will work best for you, and if your hairs the right length for them. Before I got mine put in I got a taster put in for a couple of weeks to see if they were right for me, and so see if you can do the same. Though you do have to remember that one test strand isn’t going to be exactly the same as having a whole head put in and it’s going to feel a lot heavier if you do decide to go for a full head.

But, at the end of the day, you’re never going to know if extensions are right for you until you try them for yourself. For some it might seem like a big risk, but it can be a risk worth taking.



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