My Favourite Diaries for 2017

There are a couple of times of the year that I love more than the most. One of them is the beginning of college, not because I’m a massive nerd and love college, but because I am in love with stationary and can not resist using college as an excuse to go out and buy even more of it, even if I don’t really need it. Every year I always buy a new notebook, even if I’ve still got over half of the pages left in the old one.

So naturally I love the beginning of the New Year. Sure, it’s a fresh start and I can try and start over and do all the things this year that I didn’t get to do the last. There is that, that makes me love it too. But I love it more because it means I get to buy a new diary.

To be honest with you, I’m very new to the owning a diary/planner thing. I’ve only used one for a couple of years as that’s really only when I started actually needing. Before then all I really had was school, but now I have college (which comes with assignment deadlines, and more recently UCAS application deadlines), work (I always make sure to keep account of my regular shifts, any overtime ones, when I have annual leave, and whenever I’ve had to take a day off work for whatever reason), and other events such as holidays, work experience, check up appointments, yada yada. I suddenly had all these things to remember but nowhere to put it. So I got a diary and never looked back, it’s literally been so much of a help to me now I’m beginning to properly adult.

I’m sure loads of people have already brought their 2017 diaries. They have been on sale from September at the least! However, as organised as I may be with my diary, I’m always a last minute kind of person. The perk of leaving it to last minute is a few of the diaries will be on sale by now, so I get them cheaper than I would if I’d brought them earlier on. So the past couple of days have been scouring the internet searching for my 2017 diary.

For 2016 I had a cute little dark, purple, floral one from Paperchase. This year I’m trying to look for a different style (though you can see there is a floral one in there). One thing that is essential to me, but may seem a bit picky, is that the diary has to be A5 size. Seriously, the amount of diaries I liked the style of but didn’t make the cut because they didn’t come in A5 is ridiculous. I have quite big handwriting, so A6 just wouldn’t work as I wouldn’t have enough room to write in. A4 is just a bit to big for me, but A5 is perfect. Small enough that it’ll fit in my bag without taking up too much room, but big enough I can write everything I need in it.

So far I’ve narrowed it down to 6, so I thought I’d share them with you. If you haven’t brought a diary yet them hopefully it’ll help to give you some inspiration.

1) £9.99 from WHSmith
2) £14.00 from Etsy
3) £10.00 from Paperchase
4) £7.00 from Etsy
5) £10.00 from Paperchase
6) £18.50 from The Journal Shop

Got a favourite from my picks for this year? Let me know in the comments; it’ll help me make my decision on which one to choose! If you’ve already got your diary then please share that with me as well as I’m still open to suggestions of which one to get!



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