My Resolutions for 2017

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions. I find that people just often make really trivial ones like, “I’ll go on a diet”, “I’ll stop eating chocolate”, “I’ll stop drinking” and so on and so on. Resolutions they probably don’t really mean, and won’t stick to for too long.

But as I’ve got older, I’ve started to find the purpose of making New Years resolutions. Well, my own purpose for them, at least. I’ve come leaps and bounds from the person I was only a couple of years ago, and I strive to keep that going. Any resolutions I make are in the aim of keeping my personal improvements going. So without further or do, here are my resolutions for 2017.

1. Get back into fitness.

And there I was going on about trivial resolutions. But I promise you that I actually mean this one.
Last year I was eating healthily and going to the gym. I wasn’t losing weight drastically, I was still a size 12, but I was healthy. Since September all of that work has been dropped. The cold months make me crave comfort food. And the late finished at college now mean that all I want to do at the end of the day is go home, never mind the gym. — The gym was getting to expensive for me anyway.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t get back into home exercises, or start eating healthily. I’ve gone up to a 14, which isn’t the biggest I’ve been. But equally isn’t my smallest either. It’s time to get back down to that size 10, or at the least feel better and healthier in myself.

2. Spend my time more wisely.

This is something I am severely bad at. I will procrastinate with any given opportunity. It doesn’t even matter what it is, either. But no more. This year I plan to actually get off my arse and do things productively. Of course, some days will be set aside for just chilling, because everyone’s got to relax once and a while.

3. Make time to do the things I enjoy the most

This year is most definitely going to be a busy one for me. I’ve applied to university, and I already have interviews for 3 of my choices lined up in January. I’m also looking into applying to some apprenticeships as well, which will hopefully follow up to some interviews too. This last year at college also comes with a large work load, which I want to get the best grades on. To top it all off I have my part time job to contend with as well.

However I still want to make sure I have time to do things I enjoy.

While studying media and applying to university/apprenticeships kind of comes into this, one of my big passions in life is film. In December I got to go on tour and film pieces for a tour diary and a music video and I loved every moment of that. On the back of that I’ve also been asked to edit a music video for the band of one of the musicians on the charity tour.  I was honestly chuffed to bits that I was chosen for the job, and really excited as the editing process is one of my favourite bits of the film process. My goal for 2017 is while still doing to projects college assign me, to make my own little projects and film/edit them. Be this actual dramas, or just simple little Youtube videos, as I’ve been thinking of getting into Youtube for a while.

Another thing I want to try and get back into is my blog. I’ve already mentioned in previous posts how sometimes my mojo gets away from me. Mainly because I’m not expecting to make any success out of this blog. However, after getting back into blogging properly, I realised I had forgotten how much I enjoy writing these little things, no matter how many people actually ready them.

This may seem like something that’s impossible to achieve. After all, there’s only so many hours in the day. But I’d rather go down trying than not trying at all.

4. Try not to make my happiness reliant on other people

This has been a massive problem for me this year. I don’t know whether it’s down to me being empathetic for other people or not, really. But anytime someone around be was in a bad mood and was either being awful to me or other people, I’d find my mood would instantly drop down even lower than theirs. And then my low mood was also seem to last for longer than theirs. If people cancelled plans on me it’d make me feel empty and low. t just sucked.

This year I am determined that my happiness isn’t going to be dependent on other people and whether they are happy or not. If they’re in a bad mood, I’ll still ask them what’s wrong and try to help, but I’m not going to carry it on my shoulders if all it’s going to do is put me in a bad mood too. If someone’s particularly mean to me, I’m just going to take it on the chin and think of all the compliments I’ve had against than one mean comment. If someone cancels plans on me, I’m going to go do what I planned to do anyway; Whether I find someone else, or if I just go do it on my own. Sometimes there’s no better company than you’re own company, anyway. And I’m sure I’ll feel a lot better going out and doing things than being stuck at home than doing nothing!

5. Be more sensible with my money

Okay, maybe this ones another cliche too, but it comes at a time where it’s really important that I start trying to be a bit more sensible with the money that I have. 2016 saw me finally get my inheritance from my dad’s life insurance, which was a big step for me really, as I had to make proper, adult decisions on what to do with that money.

But now I want to do that with the money I earn myself as well. For the past couple of years my part time job has just been for my to earn money to spend on clothes, and leisure activities, and the occasional college expense. Now I have all of that, a car to that has insurance bills and a tank to fill with petrol, a small share of the rent to pay on mine and my mum’s house. I’d also like to try and put aside some money should I decide to go to university. Because then I’m more than likely going to be living on my own, and that doesn’t come cheap.

I’m no stranger to saving money. I’ve saved for holidays and other large expenses many times. However, saving for something that is only a little bit over a year away I see to be a bit more of a challenge. I’ve got to tell myself ‘no’ if I’m a little low on cash but the girls have invited me to a night out, and I can see the £££ in my savings account. Because while I promise I’ll pay it back in when I do have money, I can’t fully promise that’ll actually happen.

It’s time to be an adult. Put cash aside for a rainy day, and say no to buying things that I can’t really afford without going into those savings.

6. Try and give back to the people that have helped me out in the past.

Like I’ve already mentioned in this post, I went on tour last year, and that tour was in aid of CLIC Sargent. CLIC Sargent are a charity that helped me through my cancer diagnosis, the treatment, and still help me throughout remission whenever I need it. Without them, even if it’s just for some quick advice, I wouldn’t be able to function as well as I do. So it was nice to be able to go on this tour, film other service users who are used their musical skills to raise money, tell people my story in a bid to also help raise money, and help creative a video to aid promotion of the charity.

This year I want to continue to give back. I want to continue giving back to CLIC Sargent in anyway possible, but I also want to try and give back to other people that have helped me out in the past. Whatever I can do to help them, I will try my hardest to this year.

So those are my resolutions, goals, or whatever you want to goal them, for 2017! What are goals have you got this year, if any?



5 thoughts on “My Resolutions for 2017

    1. Your post is lovely Charlotte. I like how you’ve spoken out about how people make too many unrealstic resolutions and have focused yourself onto 2, achievable goals. Well done and happy new year 🙂

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