Lush Ultrabland Review

One thing you need to know (well you don’t NEED to know, but, you know) about me is that I have really sensitive skin. And I mean really sensitive. I have to use children’s bubble baths as if I dare to use normal, adult bubble baths, I’ll come out of the bath with an itch that will last for days on end. And I can’t really use fabric softeners as all the ones I’ve tried so far have given me a rash that will take weeks and a lot of products to get rid of.

This sensitivity also applies to my face. When I first started experimenting with make up it took my ages to find a foundation that didn’t cause my skin to break out as soon it touched my skin. And you know those nights when you come home late from a party and you’re just too tired to take your make up off, so you decide that one night of missing out on that part of your routine and sleeping with your make up on won’t harm?

For me, doing that, harms a lot. I will wake up in the morning and will have spots covering my face. Nope, drunk, tired, or drunk and tired me has to take off that make up at all costs. And it also has to be done with the right kind of cleanser.

It took me an age to find the right kind of cleanser. After being given a free bottle of Estee Lauder’s Perfectly Clean cleanser through the Look Good Feel Better campaign, I had seemed to find one that done the trick. But the matter of fact is I just couldn’t afford to pay over £22 on a cleanser. So I took to the shops to try and find a cheaper alternative that wouldn’t make me break out.

I tried a lot of things; Micellar Water, Lacome, Clinique. They all made me break out.

It wasn’t until a bit of window shopping on a lunch break did I finally come across Lush’s Ultrabland cleanser.

I was in the shop just browsing when, as they usually do, a member of staff came up and asked if I needed help. Usually I just tell them no, mainly because I’m not looking for anything in particular, which actually I wasn’t. But then the fact I was still looking for a new cleanser came to mind, and so I brought it up with the shop assistant. I told her about my problematic skin and how almost everything seems to make me break out. As soon as I told her that, she instantly recommended Ultrabland.

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So what’s it all about? Well it’s actually based on the ancient Greek recipe for cold cream. Sounds gross, I know, but hold on for a minute. It’s made with almond oil, rose water, bees wax, and honey. It’s natural and plain ingredients is the reason it was recommended to me as it shouldn’t cause me to break out. While it removes make up it doesn’t get rid of your skins natural defences either, which should also prevent more break outs too.

At first I was a bit put off by the product as when the shop assistant opened the pot, I saw the product was a solid, thick cream. However it quickly softens as you rub it between your fingers. She then applied it on the back of my hand before removing it with a cotton pad dampened with warm water, just to show me how to apply and remove it. What I was amazed by was how soft the skin it has been applied to felt afterwards. It’s safe to say I quickly brought their 45g pot to go home and give it a test on my face. I also brought a bottle of their Eau Roma Water which the shop assistant also recommended to be as part of my skin routine as once again it’s made with lavender water, so it’s natural, plain and limited ingredients would make sure my skin didn’t react badly.

So the verdict?

I can safely say Ultrabland is one of the, if not the best cleaner I have used. It picks up the make up and dirt off of my face so well, so that every time I use it, I am certain with the fact my face is completely free of make up. The best thing about it is that after using it my skin feels so much softer for it, so I make a habit of using it every single night, even if I’ve gone through the day without any make up. — Teamed with the Eau Roma Water, I haven’t had any break outs since, either, which is great news.

While cheaper than Estee Lauder it still doesn’t come cheap, it is £7.95 for a small 45g pot. However, after starting the pot 2 whole months ago, I still have at least half left, so it does last a long while. Next time I’ll buying a bigger pot so I’ll have even more to last me.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend Ultrabland to anyone who has problematic skin like myself. It has literally solved all my problems and I honestly don’t think I’m going to try out any other cleansers after coming across this one.

Used Ultrabland before? Let me know your experiences with it in the comments below!

Please be aware that everything written in this review is all down to my own, personal experience. While this product worked for me, it might not work for everyone. It may take time, and a few trail and errors, before finding the cleanser that works the best for you.



4 thoughts on “Lush Ultrabland Review

  1. Loved how deep you went with the review. I do have sensitive skin but not as sensitive as you, even with that, i think i might try it soon


    1. Thank you so much!:) Yeah my skin is stupidly over sensitive, but I’m finally learning to live with it as I discover more products my skin doesn’t mind. But I honestly would recommend this cleanser to anyone. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin at all, the natural ingredients are a total plus. Lush actually has a lot of difference cleansers, so it’s worth checking them out and getting a shop assistant to point you in the direction of what one is best for you

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