I Suck At Gift Giving

You’re probably getting sick of hearing it (I know I am) but it’s Valentines Day in two weeks. I know, right? Times going to fast. I swear a moment ago it was New Years and now we’re almost half way through February.

Anyway, despite being single and not having anyone to love, I still liked the idea of doing a Valentine’s gift guide. Mainly because I love window shopping on the web. But over the past few days I’ve been trying to curate the post, I’ve had to throw the idea away into my “failed blog posts” bin. Because I just suck at this whole gift giving thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I like gift giving. It’s actually my favourite bit about Christmas. But I hardly ever seem to get it right for people. The only person I think I ever succeed at buying presents for is my mum, because we’re so similar most of the things I see that I like, I can almost garuntee she likes too. I do have the odd failure with her, just like she does with me, but 90-95% of the time we’re pretty good.

My friends I don’t have to worry about too much, because with most of us we have this silent agreement that we’re too poor to buy presents for one another so just a card will do. But if one does buy a present for me, I’ll buy one for them. If I know there’s something like really like (be it a TV show, or a band, or something or other) I tend to stick to that one thing year in year out. This is a failure in itself because I bet their just sick of getting merch from the same band over, and over again. But it beats the alternative I get some friends. Which is the usual lush bath set or something un-creative and lacking any thought. Again, failure. I told you I suck.

But if there’s one demographic I fail at buying gifts for the more; it’s for the opposite sex. My male friends don’t actually get presents from me, because they’re some of the ones I have that silent agreement with. So whenever I do buy a present for a bloke, it’s usually because I’m in a relationship with them. And I’m just the worst at it.

The first time I brought a present for a boyfriend was when I was with my first serious boyfriend and it was for Christmas. Now this I do have to cut myself some slack because I did get it right. I brought him two presents; one which was a zippo lighter because he asked for it (if you ask me for a present then you’re bound to get it because I would never be able to think of an alternative). But I also got him the soundtrack to Guardians of The Galaxy on tape, exactly like the one Peter Quill has in the film. This he didn’t technically ask for, but he had mentioned he’d love to have one so I scoured the internet until I found one on Etsy for a reasonable price. He loved it so much. So in a way I do kinda win with that one, but those great gifts would have never happened if I hadn’t been told about them.

Other than that I haven’t actually had a boyfriend during a significant holiday. Though I have tried to buy the odd surprise gift and failed miserably. The most notable one is actually when I was with my most recent boyfriend. Both me and him had talked about going to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, but when a friend of mine came over from America and she really wanted to go, I could hardly deny her the opportunity (since it’s closing this summer it’s a good job I didn’t cause otherwise she might have never got to see it). The only day we could fit it in was a day he couldn’t come, so sadly I had to go without him. So as a surprise I brought him one of their t-shirts in the gift shop because a) I felt bad for going without him and b) it was 2 for £30 but I didn’t really want 2 t-shirts (real romantic, eh?)

Anyway to cut a long story short he didn’t even know the quote was on the shirt, so he couldn’t have been that big of a Doctor Who fan anyway. And it was too big for him. Turns out in unisex a medium can fit both of you nicely and he doesn’t need a large, who new? He ended up giving it back to me and I wore it as a nightshirt during the summer when it was too hot to wear anything else. I mean, it’s a good job I got it back since we’re not together anymore but I doubt I’ll wear it now because… well, we’re not together anymore. Good job there, he dodged the bullet of another shitty gift.

So, that’s basically it. A bit of a long winded post, but I just thought I’d have a little funny ramble about my gift giving history, while explaining why I haven’t done any valentine gift related posts. Maybe one day I’ll actually get better and choosing presents, we’ll just have to see.

Do you suck at gift giving too? Feel free to share your worst choices with me, even if it just for a good old laugh! And if you’re great at gift giving PLEASE HELP US.



2 thoughts on “I Suck At Gift Giving

    1. I literally had to drag my mum out shopping to choose her presents because I couldn’t think of anything D: And I know right?! At least I got another t-shirt to wear though XD


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