The Bargain Matte Lip Cream By Collection

I’m always late on the trends. I was late on the pastel hair (or wigs, in my case), contouring (I only tried it last year and literally only brought my first kit last week. I know, why am I even writing about beauty when I only started contouring?), and those “on fleek” eyebrow things (actually I haven’t even got on this trend really. My eyebrows are a mess.). You get the gist.

So, in true Johanna style, I’m probably late to the whole matte lipstick trend.

I’ve always been a fan of purple lipstick and have worn it religiously for years. I always found that red lipstick, especially the lighter shades, always made me look wrong. But when I discovered purple I found it suited my perfectly. So when I lost my old purple lipstick I was devastated and went straight down to Superdrug to buy some more. This is when I discovered Collection’s range. I bought two different products in purple, one is a proper lipstick, the other is a lip cream. But I want to talk about the lip cream because it’s the one I love the most. And it’s only £2.99. Yes, you heard… £2.99! Bargain, right?!

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The full title of the product is Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream. It comes in 6 different shades for you to choose from. I currently only own the purple shade called “Blackberry”, but there is also “Caramel” which is a neutral brown colour, “Cotton”that’s a light pink shade, “Mango” which is a light orange (bit brave, but would work well in the summer I think), “Mulberry” which is a lighter purple, and “Rosie” which is a bright, bright red. I will probably try and stock up on the Caramel, Cotton, Mango, and maybe the Mulberry shade in future. But obviously not Rosie, for the simple fact that red doesn’t suit me. Currently I haven’t been able to find the other shades I want anywhere; not every store has all 6 at one time so it seems, and Caramel seems to be the most popular shade as it was sold in both my local Superdrug and Boots on both times I’ve done to look. So for now my experience is solely based on the “Blackberry” shade.

As far as application goes, it’s pretty easy. The lip cream has a doe foot applicator which makes it easy to put on your lips. The first coat didn’t fully cover my lips though and was slightly translucent, so I would say you do need at least two coats when using this in order to make it a solid colour on your lips. The good thing about this product, is that is has buildable colour so you can add more coats depending on how dark you want it to be. I find 3-4 coats does the trick to get a nice dark purple. Just be careful when doing multiple coats like this that some of the liquid doesn’t build up around your outer lips. It can also take a couple of minutes to dry, so make sure you’ve had something to drink before you put it on so you can give it time to dry. Other than that I’m very happy with the finish it gives. It’s matte, so it’s true to the product, and is a beautiful shade of purple. I usually do the 3 coats to give it a dark purple finish which you can see below.


The lasting strength of this lip cream isn’t the best, but it’s not the worst. The photo above was when I went to Bournemouth for a concert and I only started to notice it was fading slightly on the inside towards the very end of the gig, and even then it wasn’t all that noticeable, so it does last for a good 4-6 hours. Drinking doesn’t affect it either, which is fab. However, eating can cause of it fade a bit quicker than usual, even more so if it’s something that causes you to lick your lips a lot like ribs (yeah I wore this while eating ribs, hence the example). All in all I’d definitely take it with you if you’re planning to go out anywhere just in case you need a top up. I didn’t eat or drink a lot at the concert, so that’s why I probably didn’t need to top it up so much. If you’re going somewhere where you’ll be drinking a lot or eating, you will definitely need a top up at some point in the evening. But for how cheap it is, I honestly don’t think the lasting strength is too bad. Especially since I’ve now tried other matte lip creams that cost more and their lasting strength isn’t that much better.

The only massive qualm I have with the product is it’s use of “moisturising” in it’s title, because it isn’t moisturising at all. My lips were dry and peeling to hell by the end of my first wear. Personally, I have this problem with other matte lip creams I have tried since as well, so I’m going to put it as more of a fault of matte lip creams in general, rather than a fault of this exact product. However, they shouldn’t say it’s moisturising when it’s anything but. It can easily be solved, though, by using lip balm before AND after each wear. But just be warned that you will probably need to do this.

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Overall, though, I do love this product. While it does have it’s faults (I think every matte lip cream does, to be honest), at £2.99 it’s the cheapest lip cream I’ve seen, and is good value for the money you’re paying, and could be a good alternative to the more well known matte lip creams out there if you’re on a budget. Therefore I’m definitely going to keep a look out for the other shades I’m interested in, in the high street!

Have you tried Collection’s Velvet Kiss Matte Lip Cream? What did you think of it? Have you got another lip cream that you swear by? Let me know in the comments!



3 thoughts on “The Bargain Matte Lip Cream By Collection

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  2. I can be so late on trends too and when I finally come round to getting things its always sold out!! I’m loving purple right now, it never used to be a colour id think to wear so I even bought a lilac lipstick the other week. I really want a dark purple tho but can’t imagine if it would suit me! It looks great on you, and such a good price – I’ve never tried this one but if I look to try the dark on me this would be a good price incase it doesn’t suit me x


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    1. I always think with prominent shades like purple and red that they’re not going to suit everyone. I certainly don’t suit red, though I have tried it in the past. At £2.99 it’s not that bad of a price to try it out though, I agree! And their are lighter shades if you like the product but not the shade!:) x


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