What’s REALLY In My Bag

This kind of post is a very popular one within the blogging world. They’re on every “blog post ideas” list that you can find on the internet, and I’m sure every blogger will write this kind of post at least once in their life. And why not? It can be a great idea for a post. I don’t know about you, but I’m quite a nosy person, so being able to see what kind of stuff people keep in their bag is kind of interesting to me because some of the items are different from person to person.

But how much of it is actually real?

The other day I saw a tweet from Amy from Salt and Chic. She had posted a photo of all the items in her bag, and questioned how glamorous her “what’s in my bag” post would actually be. You can see the full tweet below.

Seeing her tweet just made me think of how edited these posts can be sometimes. Sure, I know girls do carry lipstick in their bag. But what about the receipts from your daily trip to Tesco to get a meal deal? The loose change? The broken hair bands? The pack of paracetamol, and the spare tampon and/or sanitary pad we keep in there in case of emergencies? They’re all taken out and not included because none of that is appealing or glamorous.

Now I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, and bloggers shouldn’t do that. Even I edit things on my blog and instagram to make things look more appealing. Recently I just posted a selfie I took 2 days ago where all my hair and make up is done, when in reality, today I’m still in my pyjamas with my hair slowly falling out of the plait I put it in last night. But after that tweet, I just thought it would be interesting (and maybe a little funny?) to share with you what’s really in my bag.

I have two different bags. One is my bag I use when out at college or when I’m going somewhere I’ve got to take a lot of things. My other bag is smaller and is more of a going out bag where I don’t need much more than my phone or purse. So for content purposes; I’m going to be writing about the things in my college bag, because it’s just going to be a bit more interesting cause there’s more stuff in there.

So, anyway, what is in there?

  • My notebook. Because girls gotta take down notes and jot down ideas throughout the day. This one I brought from Paperchase in one of their sales back in September/October.
  • My purse. Because you know, I’ve got to pay for things.
  • Deodorant. Because I want to smell nice.
  • Body spray, so I can smell even nicer.
  • Dry shampoo for those days I cba to wash my hair but need dry shampoo on hand to top up throughout the day.
  • 2 pens because it’s always good to carry a spare right?
  • 5 different lipstick/lip glosses from where I change up my look and forget to take the last one out of my bag.
  • My hairbrush.
  • A empty cough sweet wrapper from when I was sick last week.
  • A lip balm.
  • 2 receipts.
  • My phone.
  • Earphones so I can be anti social on the train.
  • A tissue. Again from when I was ill last week and haven’t cleared out my bag yet because I’m gross.
  • My train pass.
  • A torch (for when I have to walk home in the dark)
  • An almost used strip of paracetamol. Must stock up.
  • A sanitary pad. Like I said in case of emergencies.
  • A selection of plasters. See above.
  • A hair band. Because sometimes my hair being down gets annoying or I need it for other reasons.
  • Some loose change that adds up to £1.40. Ooohhh. Lunch is on me;)
  • A highlighter for notes and shizz.
  • A leaflet that got thrust in my face one day and I just took and stuffed in my bag without even looking..
  • And last but not least… my keys.

So there we go, that is what is REALLY in my bag. No edits, nothing unmentioned. It’s all there. Is your bag similar? Is there stuff in yours that’s not in mine? Let me know in the comments below!



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