Things You Can Do To Procrastinate

So one of my lecturers at college set me an assignment to do over the holidays. That assignment includes creating an info-graphic and writing two essays. It sounds like a lot, but I’ve had 2 weeks to do it, so I should be fine right?

Well the truth is, I am not fine. Because I have left all this damned stuff until the last minute.

Right now, as I am writing this, it is Saturday. All this work needs to be emailed to my lecturer by 5pm on Monday if I want to achieve anything higher than a pass. There’s some sort of rule that any work submitted after the deadline can only have the maximum of a pass grade. Could just be a rumour made up by the lecturers. But I’d rather not risk it. That means I roughly have 2 days to write all this shit up from scratch.

Dear God, I have really put myself in a sticky situation this time, haven’t I?

So why the hell am I here writing a blog post if I have all this work to do?

Well, I’m doing this for the same reason I have left all this work so close to the deadline as it is. I just really don’t want to do it. So I’ve been procrastinating the hell out of this work for the past 2 weeks, and still am doing so. Like, I will get on with it at some point. But right now my brain thinks 2 days before the deadline isn’t the breaking point just yet.

So while I’m waiting until I hit the breaking point and actually have the motivation to do the work, I thought I’d share with you some of the things you can to to procrastinate literally anything. Anything you don’t want to do, just do these things instead.

  • Take a leaf out of my book and write a blog post. I love my blog and everything, but primarily these days, it’s just become a procrastination tool.
  • Walk your doggo. And make the walk as LONG as is physically possible. If you don’t have a doggo of your own then I feel sorry for you see if you can walk someone else’s doggo for them. Trust me, said doggos will love you for it. Also how many times can I say doggo in a paragraph?
  • Marathon a TV series.
  • Offer to help your rents out with some chores. They may be pissed when they find out why you offered to help, but it’ll earn you some short term brownie points. — If you live alone or with a partner, then just do the chores anyway because it’s still procrastinating in some form.
  • Have a good long social media stalk. I mean going deep down through your news feed to posts that were published WEEKS ago.
  • Do some baking/cooking. I tend to create loads of batches of different kinds of pasta salad whenever I want to procrastinate in the kitchen. Brownies and muffins also used to be a favourite but now I’m lactose intolerant, I can’t have them anymore.
  • Go grocery shopping to buy those ingredients for that cake, or whatever you’re making.
  • Read a book. Or read some news articles online. Read someone else’s blog. Just read something. Reading is good.
  • Give yourself a makeover. Look up some make up tutorials and try out some new looks. Same goes with hair style tutorials, too!
  • Look up some inspo on Pintrest. Fashion inspo, food inspo, interior inspo, the list goes on.
  • Take some blogging photos. Or just photos for your Instagram. I have procrastinated many an essay by trying to get a decent flatlay.
  • Make yourself a cuppa.
  • Just. Anything. That. Isn’t. That. Shitty. Thing. You’re. Supposed. To. Do. But. Don’t. Want. To.
  • Cry for about 5 hours before admitting defeat and get on with the thing.

I put the last thing, because while it’s fun to joke about procrastinating, it’s probably better to just do what you’re supposed to do so it’s out of the way. LOL. I wish I could take my own advice one day.

Sorry for the semi-hiatus, by the way. Completely unintended, really. I can’t say I was doing college work all the time, because given the nature of this post, I clearly wasn’t. I’ve actually been (and still am) the Doctor Who contributor for The Collective. So a lot of my time has been spent writing reviews for each episode, and I’ve been loving every minute of it. As a filmie and sci-fi nerd, writing film/TV reviews is actually really fun for me, and I’m so glad I was given the chance to write about something I love, that may not necessarily fit in with this blog.

If you do happen to love Doctor Who then congratulations, you have impeccable taste you can catch yourself up by reading all my reviews for far by clicking HERE.

Until the next time, whenever that may be!




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