My Evening Routine

If there’s one thing you really need to know about me it’s that I am 100% definitely not a morning person.

Like, I don’t really have problems getting up most of the time. There is the occasion I may press snooze one too many times, but usually I get up okay. It’s just I hate having to get up, especially if it’s early. Since I’ve started uni and have to get up at 6am more often than I’d like to now (which is never, btw), I’ve debated in my head way too many times whether I can afford to miss a lecture.

So yeah, basically, I’m not a morning person. Evenings, though? Evenings I can do. Now I don’t mean evenings as in going on a night out down the bar with friends. They are good and all, and I love them, even though I probably don’t do them enough for a 19 going on 20-year-old. No, I’m talking about the evenings where you just sit on the couch chilling for a few hours before going to get some shuteye. That is my thing. I love those.

Given I go to film school 2 days a week, work 1-3 days a week depending on what week it is, and have the rest of the days off… my evening routine can vary a little. Mostly because I get home from film school later than I do from work, but the actual routine itself doesn’t really change a whole lot. But because it’s kind of easier I’m going to base this post around an evening routine after a day at film school. Because I’m a wanna be relate-able student blog, okay? Okay, let’s go.


6pm – I’m finally home from film school. A regular complaining to my mum how the 2 evening peak trains I have to get never sync up right ensues. I get out of my comfy jeans and into some comfy workout leggings which have never seen a gym in their life. I never get into my pyjamas straight away because they make my sleepy and I usually still have some work to do. After this I go straight for the kettle and make myself a cuppa.

6.15pm – The telly usually goes on for some background noise. Me and my mum usually share our goings on throughout the day at this point, and discuss what we’re doing to do on our shared days off. Sometimes we do things together, sometimes we do things separately. After this, she’ll usually go off to start preparing dinner to get it ready for about 7 (if she’s working late then I do the cooking, so she had something to reheat and eat when she gets home). I turn my laptop on and try to get on with some coursework or blog posts but end up getting distracted by twitter and youtube.

7pm – It’s dinner time. Back in the day we’d usually eat our dinner on trays in the living room so we can watch Emmerdale at the same time. But now we have 2 greyhounds who can easily snatch stuff off our plate, we eat at the table in the kitchen. We’re usually done by about 7.15pm, and we both just chill on our phones/laptops in the living room for a while. Telly is still on for background noise.

7.30pm – I run upstairs to have a bath. I prefer showers, but the shower is busted and our landlord won’t do so much as put in a mixer tap because it’s not like I don’t have a way to clean myself (fml). I try to have my bath before 8pm because most of the time if it gets later than that I can’t really be bothered. How long I spend in there depends on whether it’s a hair wash day or not, as I only need to wash my hair every 4 days atm. I try not to wash it too much as I don’t want to take the natural oils out of it, and it saves a lot of time in most of my days this way. If I’m washing my hair I’ll be in there about 30-45 minutes. If not it’s 20 minutes max. On nights like these I’m not a lounge in the bath kind of girl.

8pm – Me and my mum watch Emmerdale on  the good old +1 channel. It’s really the only soap I watch, and these days unless it’s really interesting I tend to watch it while multitasking on my laptop again.   

8.30pm – I usually head up to my room at this point as me and my mum tend to want to watch difference things at this time, and I’m the only one with my TV in my room. I usually put some How I Met Your Mother on for a bit of interesting background noise and continue with some work for another half an hour at the least.

9pm – If I’m not rushing to meet a deadline, this is usually the point that I start getting ready for bed. The first thing I do is go into the bathroom, brush my teeth and rinse with mouthwash. Then I start my skincare routine. I still use Lush’s Ultrabland Cleanser to take off my make up if I’m wearing any. If not I still use it as it makes my face feel softer, and I wash it off using some cotton pads and some hot soapy water. I then give my face an extra rinse with the soapy water and a flannel before using Lush’s Eau Roma Water to help remove any excess make up/cleanser if there is any and just as a refreshing spritz to my face. I then use some general baby wipes to remove an eye make-up (again, if I’m wearing any). I then use moisturiser; at the moment I’m using a free sample of Cliniques moisturiser. If I’m having an outbreak of spots I’ll also apply some Grease Lightning from Lush and let it do it’s work overnight. If I’m got some extra time I might also use some of their Dream Steam tabs. They don’t help with spots specifically, but they help to clean out my pores, which helps a little. — Basically most of my skin care stuff is from Lush because a) I love them and b) All the stuff I get from then has natural products in which means they won’t be too harsh on my super sensitive skin.

9.30pm – Time to change into my pyjamas. Now it’s getting into the colder months I tend to use put on some body lotion before getting into my pyjamas. I feel like I’m plugging Lush way too much here but I tend to use their Charity Pot for this as it’s quite plain and doesn’t have a strong smell which would keep my awake. Also, my money goes to a good cause so that’s a bonus. After getting into my pyjamas I spray a little bit of deodorant to keep my fresh through the night. I then brush my hair and apply some of OGX’s coconut oil to it. I then go get myself another cuppa of decaf tea before getting into bed.

10pm – I’m in bed by this point. I carry on with Netflix for a while, and put my phone onto night mode while I scroll through it for a bit. I don’t tend to watch anything new on Netflix at this time as I don’t want that whole “I have to watch a new episode now” thing going on when I need to sleep. So usually I rewatch something. Usually it’s Doctor Who or How I Met Your Mother or Sherlock, but I sometimes give Black Mirror a re-watch to. Right now I’m going through a phase with Torchwood again, but Netflix doesn’t have that, so I have to put my DVD player on for that.

10.30-11.30pm – I wanna say I got to sleep at 10pm. But it’s rare I ever do. 10.30 is usually the earliest, but 11.30 is the absolute latest I will let myself do. Especially if I have another day at film school the next day, or something else I need to get up early for. I want to say that I turn my TV off before I go to sleep, but honestly that would be a lie. I fall asleep with it still on and usually wake up in the wee hours when I realise it’s still on, turn it off, and go back to sleep.

Like I said, this routine changes depending of whether I’m at film school or at work. My work is in the same town I live in so I get home a lot earlier because of that and the fact I leave earlier, so may have dinner at an earlier time. But otherwise the routine generally stays the same.

I have found it so important to have this routine though, especially in terms of evening skincare and setting a cut off time for when doing work has to stop. Until setting this routine up and having the cut off time with work, my skincare was all over the place as I was never allowing myself enough time and my skin really suffered for it. It also meant I’d end up doing work until the wee hours, and that really fucked up my body clock and kept my energy levels at zero all the time. It’s all well and good going to lectures, but when you’re too tired to understand then, your coursework and stuff is going to be shit anyway, basically.

Do you have a evening routine? Is there anything you do/would do differently to me? I’d love to hear about it. Honestly anything that will help my relax/sleep better than I already do would be awesome. I value my rest.






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