Goals for 2018

I know, I know. I’ve already claimed on my blog how much I’m not keen on these, yet I’m making another one? I’m such a hypocrite, ugh.

To someone reading this blog, I do look like a hypocrite, yes. But I’m not doing this kind of post just because it’ll get the views. I’ve already said 2017 was an okay year for me, but I feel like aside from a few odd things, it lacked any real success. And that’s because I didn’t really set myself any true goals other than the ones I kind of had to complete because they were just there (finishing college, getting into uni, passing my driving test).

So this year I want to set myself a few goals to aim towards. Aside from a couple of them, I don’t want them all to be ones where I’ll beat myself up if I don’t reach them. I’m terrible for that, and it’s something I need to work on. But, I just want them to be things that are there, and if I do reach them it makes my 2018 just that bit more successful.


So this should be one of the things I’m already doing since I’m actually already a third of the way through it. But the first term I sort of just made my way through it without making all that much of an effort.

I did the essays, I got decent grades, I was told what I could do to get the top grade and then never did it. So far I’ve had the chance for 4 re-submissions and I haven’t done a single one. This is sort of due to time as well. But if I do have the time, I should be doing those re-submissions. I should be wanting to get those top grades. Passing the course is fantastic, but acing the course will be even better.

2. SAVE UP Β£2,000

Thanks to overtime last Christmas I have a good portion of this saved already, albeit I have dipped in to it a few times. This Christmas I haven’t done so much overtime and thanks to now having a car as well as a commute, my outgoings have become considerably more so it may take a while. But I think it’s a goal that will be manageable if I’m careful with my finances.

My plan is to move to Brighton for 2nd year. So I’d like to have a bit of money saved as a security blanket if I’m desperate for cash.


This one should be fairly manageable as it’s inevitable that I’ll end up having to drive on the motorway at some point. It’s something I do really want to get over and done with, but so far I haven’t needed to go anywhere that requires a motorway, or had someone to bring along with me for a little bit of support. Because there’s no way in hell I’m doing it on my own the first time, that shit is scary as hell.


We have a funny old relationship, don’t we? There’s moments where we see each other a lot and then I disappear for ages, and come back later down the line to tell you about all the crazy things that went on. I’m a pain in the ass of a content creator for you guys, I know. So one of my goals is to be more consistent. No posting 5 posts in one month and then disappearing for 2. Even if all I do is publish one more a month for the whole year, it’s a lot more consistent than what I have been doing!


It’s a cliche, but it needs to be done. I’ve let myself slip this past year and I’m verging back onto the heavier side of my weight fluctuation scale. So I’d like to bring that down a little bit, and hopefully feel better in myself for it as well. Because lately, I’ve been feeling very, very crappy and I think it’s down to the bad eating and general lifestyle habits.

Drink more water and less diet coke. Less snacking on crisps, and more snacking in fruit. But less snacking as a whole me thinks. I’m terrible for it. Be more active, even if it just means going on long walks (I am really not a running person), do some home exercises if I can’t afford the gym. I need to stop finding excuses and actually find ways to work round them instead.


I already have most diary cut out of my diet due to being lactose intolerant (I know they do diary free cheese, but for some reason I’ve found I just don’t eat it at all anymore), so I want to start taking that a bit further. I’ve already looked more into vegan baking, as that’s the food I mostly making myself, and am going to encourage mum to start looking at alternatives as well. I’m not saying I’m going full vegan, but I’m going to be making small steps towards that way.

I also want to start looking more into the make-up I’m using and what’s cruelty free and what isn’t. I know there’s plenty of lists on line about what brands are or are not, so there’s really no excuse for why I haven’t done it sooner. — I also want to buy less. The amount of make-up I waste sometimes because I buy it but never use it is disgraceful, so I want to put an end to that as well.

The same goes for my clothes. I’ve brought so many items recently that I’ve worn once or twice and then never touched again. It’s time to use the “have you worn it in the last year” tactic and donate any of the clothes that I answer “no” to.

So those are all the goals I’m going to aim to have completed by the end of 2018. Will I do them all? Who knows. But like I’ve said, I’m not putting pressure on myself. Even just trying shows I’m trying to be a better person, and that means something.

What goals are you setting yourself for the year?





One thought on “Goals for 2018

  1. Love your blogging goals for this year. I recently passed my driving test and the thought of driving on the motorway scares the life out of me. Good luck with uni! It’s such an amazing experience I would love to relive! X



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