Plans For The Summer

I finished my first year of university last week; An easy week of going to a screening of all the students films, followed by a really chilled day hanging out and saying goodbye to people. I don’t think I’ve had an easier last week since… well… primary school, I guess.

And I got my final grades this week, so university is officially done until September. I am now on summer break.

I’m no stranger to finishing this early, really. Since I finished secondary school and chose to go to an FE college, I’ve been finishing the academic year around about the end of June. 2 whole months of was fun at first, but the novelty has worn off by now. And now I kind of have an extra week or 2, I’m even more at a loss of what I want to do with all this free time. So I thought I’d draw up a list.

A lot of this depends on whether money will allow, and of course if time will allow; I have work to go to still, and sometimes things just don’t work with the schedule at home either. But I’m sure I’ll be able to complete a lot of these things.

01. Finish of my EPK. Okay so I lied. When I said university was done with, I kind of just meant the graded parts. For our last term we made a short film that was completely ungraded, and I still have the EPK that goes with it to finish off. So yeah, this one is a priority, I guess.

02. Try and be creative. Doing a creative course at university can sometimes easily take the fun out of being creative. So I try and want to bring the fun back to it over the summer. I brought a couple of notebooks this week and have started filling one with film script ideas I’ve had over the year, and the other is being used as a journal of sorts. Some of the entries from the latter might even make it on here, who knows? — I’d say I’d purely use this as a creative outlet, but we all know how useless I am with being consistent on here.

03. Visit Wales. This is the one being time dependent. I did have a week set down for it a while ago, but plans changed. Even if I get up there for a weekend I’ll be happy. It’s been almost 2 years since I was up there just for fun and I miss it.

04. Do some sight-seeing. I have a trip to Marwell zoo already in the works, and I’d quite like to go out for a day around London again. My new favourite thing to do right now is explore cities and take photos, so I basically just want to do a lot of that.

05. Actually master the reading and watch list for uni. We got one last year and I was useless and reading and watching any of the recommendations, and it kind of showed. We haven’t been given the list yet, but I really want to give it a proper go this time. It’ll give me something to do on the rainy days, which I’m sure we’ll get a few of.

06. Get my more photos of myself for instagram. You know how I said I like to explore and take photos? Well that kind of ties in with this one. I’ve got back into Instagram (don’t worry I won’t be making a post on it), and while I love my feed, there’s barely any photos of me other than selfies. I keep seeing everyone with lovely candid shots of themselves and damn I want in on that badly.

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