Johanna Montana is written by 20 year-old film student, Johanna Worcester.

After falling ill with cancer in April 2015 my life became centred around treatment, and not being able to leave the house because I felt too rubbish. Bored, needing an outlet, and also wanting to improve my writing skills I set up a blog called Lymphoma Life in order to document my treatment. While I still blog occasionally about my life post-chemo of Lymphoma Life, once treatment was over I found myself still wanting to blog, and maybe branch out into areas more fun and less depressing than my treatment. Thus Johanna Montana (a nickname I was given when I was 14) was born in August 2015.

My little corner of the internet contains a variety of different categories. More recently the blog has been centred around lifestyle, travel, and photography. Though fashion, beauty, TV, and film are still topics that will feature from time to time. Hopefully there is something around here for everyone.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the hot mess that is my blog. 



While most of the products featured on my blog have been paid for with my own money, I may on occasion be sent free samples of products to review or be commissioned to write a particular post. Any commissioned posts, or posts/reviews about a product that was sent to be for free or as a PR sample will always be marked with an asterisk (*) and/or have a short disclaimer at the end. I am to be completely honest and transparent with my readers here on Johanna Montana, and therefore will not accept any items that I wouldn’t personally try myself, nor will I write a commissioned post that I don’t believe fits in with my blog.

All opinions that I share on this blog are my own, and my opinion will never be biased due to a PR relationship. As the writer of this blog, I reserve the write to have complete control over the creative content of this blog and will not tolerate PR’s trying to suggest to me what to write in a commissioned post or a review of a free sample. I will always give my honest opinion on products and won’t give a false opinion of a product if I did not like it. If there’s something about the product that has disappointed me, then this will be included in whatever review I write. However, I will contact the brand and voice my problems with the product and give them the choice of no review, or a review with my problems included.

I would thoroughly advise that PR’s contact me before sending any PR samples to see if I will agree to review the product and arrange an appropriate time frame for the review to be posted. If a product is sent to me that I had no knowledge about beforehand, then I am in now way obliged to post it.

I understand that there needs to be a reasonable time frame in which a commissioned post/review needs to be published. However this blog is a hobby first and foremost and therefore have both college and work commitments to contend with as well. Before a product has been sent I will try and give an estimated time frame in which the post will be published. If there’s a specific date you want the post published and I don’t think I can make that deadline, I will reject the offer.

Any products sent to me will not be sent back unless I have been asked by the brand the postage and packaging is being paid for by the brand.

I do charge for commissioned posts. Prices will vary depending on how many words, and how many links are requested to be in the post. Contact me for more details.

At the current moment I will not charging for reviews where a product or a group of products that add up to a decent amount of money have been sent to me for free, and that I’m allowed to keep after reviewing, as I consider this enough payment for now as this is not my full time job. Any products that are of low value, or I am not allowed to keep after reviewing will be subsequent for a charge. Again prices will vary.


On occasion, another blogger may feature content on my blog as part of a guest post. I do this in an exchange sort of way, where in return I get to feature content on their blog. Again, I will not accept guest posts from bloggers who’s content and style that are not similar to mine.


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