Goals for 2018

I know, I know. I’ve already claimed on my blog how much I’m not keen on these, yet I’m making another one? I’m such a hypocrite, ugh.

My Evening Routine

If there’s one thing you really need to know about me it’s that I am 100% definitely not a morning person.

Dark Tourism

Header from Chris Lloyd Dark TourismΒ (noun)Β – Tourism that involves travelling to places associated with death and suffering. When Chris emailed me asking if I’d like to watch his short film about the subject of Dark Tourism, I jumped at the chance. As a film student, I always love getting to watch new works. Not only…

Life Update | I Finished College & My Hairs Grew Back!

I’ve been writing a lot lately. I have a couple of posts planned for this blog. But as I’ve already mentioned I’ve been writing reviews for the latest Doctor Who series over on The Collective Blog and have another couple of other posts set with them as well. But one thing I realised I’d never…

Things You Can Do To Procrastinate

So one of my lecturers at college set me an assignment to do over the holidays. That assignment includes creating an info-graphic and writing two essays. It sounds like a lot, but I’ve had 2 weeks to do it, so I should be fine right? Well the truth is, I am not fine. Because I…

What’s REALLY In My Bag

This kind of post is a very popular one within the blogging world. They’re on every “blog post ideas” list that you can find on the internet, and I’m sure every blogger will write this kind of post at least once in their life. And why not? It can be a great idea for a…

10 Shit Things People Say To Creatives

The photo above of the old Brighton pier was taken in the car on the way back from my fourth and final university interview at Brighton Film School. Yes, as you probably guessed from the title, I am a creative. I currently study Creative Media Production at college and have used my creativity to make…

On Taking A Third Year Of College

Last night I was reading Emmi’s post of how it’s ok to fail, and it made me think about what I used to consider to be the biggest failure of my life; Failing my A-levels.

11 Things I’ve Learnt Since Joining Tinder

You know what, I used to absolutely rip the shit out of Tinder and anyone that used the app. I’d always been told that online dating was a last resort, something you did when you were absolutely desperate. My ex boyfriend changed those views for me.